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About Hardcore Signals

Crypto signals for winners

We are experts in the field of cryptocurrency

Our vision

Our vision is to positively influence the lives of many people. Cryptocurrency gives people more freedom and gives them the opportunity to escape from social constraints.

Our experience

The early entry into the crypto market in 2015 gave us a lot of experience. We recognized the potential of Blockchain technology early on and over the years we have been able to help many people become financially free. You can benefit from this experience.

Our system

Our unique BOT system allows us to make our customers more efficient and easier to trade. We do this especially for young people who want to take their own money on the crypto market or who want to expand existing activities.

Andreas Vezonik

Andi is the Head of Finance and skilfully translates potential ideas entrepreneurially into practice. With his wide range of skills, he enables the company to quickly implement processes for affiliates and traders. This allows the company to respond quickly to challenges and move forward professionally.

Momo Karasu

Momo is leader of the multi-part trading team, and with his innovative ideas he has been instrumental in making HRDCR signal what it is today: a unique crypto trading company. In addition to his know-how about the crypto currency market, he also has years of sales experience.

Nicky Tashew

Nicky is the strategist on the team and brings the products and visions of the company with a strong presence in the public. In addition to managing the marketing department, Nicky provides a relaxed, dedicated and focused work environment for employees and affiliates.

Team Hardcore company philosophy

Team culture

We are here for each other. This cohesion makes us winners.


We know our roots, we are grateful for that. That determines our actions.


We are clear and focused – this is how we achieve our goals.


Our motivation is independence. Our drive is your safety.


Through our guarantee of success, we create the best education. That’s how we grow!

That makes us unique

BOT function
With our unique BOT function, both buy and sell orders can be determined simultaneously. These are only set when the respective price is reached.
Telegram App
With our telegram bot it is possible to trade with just 2-3 clicks easily and everywhere via smartphone. You also have all the signals and information always in your hand.
Premium signals
The signals from our trading specialists give our clients daily specific trading recommendations. This information makes the implementation a breeze.
Sales System
With Hardcore Signals every customer has the opportunity to benefit from recommendations. The best reference providers are additionally involved in the profits of the company.

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